Series Overview

Taking place in the near future, The Spread will explore how the magic, mystery, and danger of The Girl With 35 Names spans across time.  

The series will explore a world where a dark force, “The Spread,” has rendered our existence unrecognizable–a world where climate disaster has become an apocalypse and the ways of “The Tree,” and the power that comes with it, have been lost. Our heroine Paula is a descendent of Molly, but is unaware of her lineage and birthright. That is, until a rip in space time connects her with her ancestors, and she learns about her family’s history from Molly’s granddaughter, Lily. Together, Paula and Lily must use their bridge in time to discover what has happened to their world. To discover the truth and change our future, they must learn the ways of the generations that came before them.

Future seasons will connect to different times in both history and the future, linking multiple generations of the family as they continue to fight for The Tree and for The Earth, waging war with the mysterious Spread and its nefarious agents. Important themes will be: respect for history and care for Earth and world, as well as the need to learn from our elders in order to work together for a better world.

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