“Some stories have a beginning, middle, and an end. This is not one of those stories. A beginning, yes.
A middle, certainly, But an end”

   Molly is a young woman, blessed with 35 names.  Each one is a memory of a long-lost relative.  Each one has a message that carries with it great power.

Based on a true story, Molly embodies the fighting qualities of the human spirit, pitted against seemingly insurmountable obstacles.  Her path is both a metaphysical and literal quest into the unknown.  An amazing story, that will capture your heart, make you BELIEVE in miracles, and take you on a truly magical journey as Molly’s particular kind of magic, changes the world around her forever.

And as Molly’s story unfolds, you will come to see that in this way our story has no end. It will continue on as long as Molly and her particular kind of magic persist in the actions of those who encounter her tale.

About the Screenwriter

DJ Colbert and JJ Harrington have collaborated extensively to adapt Molly’s story for the screen. Two feature-length screenplays, exploring the universal appeal of Molly’s adventures, powers, and gifts are currently underway. If you are a producer, director, agent, or development executive and would like to learn more about the potential of Molly’s story for the screen, please click the contact link below for more information.
Hailing from an international background, JJ is an Irish-American screenwriter, filmmaker, and educator. She is a former recipient of competitive film funding awards (writing/directing) from the Irish Film Board (Screen Ireland), RTÉ, and Film Base. She received a Tyrone Guthrie artist’s bursary for the completion of her feature screenplay, Tenebrae. Her shorts have been screened at international festivals and been nationally broadcast on RTÉ.
She has taught film at institutions including Trinity College Dublin and was formerly the head of the film department at Pulse College at Windmill Lane Recording Studios. During this time she provided feedback for and coordinated the production of,  myriad screenplays, short live-action, music video, and documentary projects.
She works as a freelance screenwriter, script-reader, and script-editor, and is a member of the Writers Guild of Ireland.

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